Adjective "yuletide" definition and examples

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  1. 'The situation is getting worse and as the Yuletide season approaches, the traffic build up on this street is unbearable.'
  2. 'Aberdeen, sitting prettily in third place, must have expected to begin their Yuletide party here.'
  3. 'Fly to the Costa del Sol next weekend for £99, and return in time for the Yuletide celebrations.'
  4. 'Officers have designed an unusual Yuletide card for wanted offenders who have so far avoided arrest for offences from breach of bail to theft.'
  5. 'Anna had been under the impression that Leina liked the Yuletide season.'
  6. 'My first experience as a Yuletide performer was crooning Away in a Manger in my nursery-school Nativity play.'
  7. 'To avoid a cut-price Yuletide, stores have kept stocks low.'
  8. 'If our Yuletide values are in terminal decline, I would say Mr. Tweed Jacket is as guilty as anybody.'
  9. 'If you don't like shops that start their Yuletide stuff in November, boycott them.'
  10. 'For those singletons who face a solo Yuletide with dread, gorging yourself on ten chocolate advent calendars at once is definitely not the answer.'

More definitions

1. the Christmas season. adjective

2. of or relating to the Christmas season.

More examples(as adjective)

"tables can be yuletide."

"rounds can be yuletide."

"longings can be yuletide."

"holidays can be yuletide."