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A native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia or its former constituent republics, or a person of Yugoslav descent.
  1. 'Although the Yugoslavs were a bit of an unknown quantity, we were really confident when we went into the game.'
  2. 'Although they caught the Yugoslavs by surprise, they were exposed somewhat when they upped a gear.'
  3. 'After 1918 Croatians were listed as Yugoslavs.'
  4. 'As the end of the 1950s approached, the Yugoslavs were operating around 150 Thunderbolts and Mosquitos as well as 400 jet fighters.'


Relating to Yugoslavia, its former constituent republics, or its people.
  1. 'Croatia is also a lot more expensive than a lot of the other former Yugoslav republics to live in, yet this still did not send people towards begging.'
  2. 'Though certainly a nationalist, he was by no means the most rightwing exponent in either Serbia or the other former Yugoslav republics.'
  3. 'Looking at old Yugoslav science fiction is intriguing.'
  4. 'Serbia, one of two Yugoslav republics, makes up 90 percent of Yugoslavia's population of 10 million.'
  5. 'In this poor, tiny, former Yugoslav republic, where unemployment runs at 50%, there are too many similar stories.'


1. a native or inhabitant of the former country of Yugoslavia.

2. a southern Slav; a member of the southern group of Slavic peoples.Compare Slav. adjective

3. of or relating to the Yugoslavs.

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(Yugoslav)From Austrian German Jugoslav, from Croatian jug ‘south’ + Slav.