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A toy consisting of a pair of joined discs with a deep groove between them in which string is attached and wound, which can be spun alternately downward and upward by its weight and momentum as the string unwinds and rewinds.
  1. 'A self-identified yo-yo fanatic, he's one of a hundred official Coca-Cola yo-yo collectors in this country.'
  2. 'Like the yo-yo, the hula hoop, and the Mohican haircut, vehicle fads come and go.'
  3. 'Children's games include kite-flying, spinning tops, yo-yos, and hobbyhorses.'
  4. 'It is something like the toy we call a yo-yo: you play with it and make it spin, but there is always a string attached.'
  5. 'It's like a yo-yo made in China with a string that breaks within 2 seconds of it being unfurled.'
  6. 'the yo-yo syndrome of repeatedly losing weight and gaining it again'
  7. 'Now seriously committed to stopping the yo-yo syndrome, Jacqui is making amazing progress.'
  8. 'She swapped a lifetime of yo-yo diets and calorie counting for a healthy-eating regime after walking down the aisle in August 1999 in a size 22 wedding gown.'
  9. 'Fad diets only add to the confusion and contribute to the yo-yo syndrome so many of us experience.'
  10. 'I have witnessed failures from low-carb diets after 6 months to 1 year; in fact, a yo-yo effect may be much more common than many people may realize.'
  11. 'You'll stabilize your appetite, which is in yo-yo mode from all the extra sugar.'
  12. 'We are a yo-yo culture, a culture of mood swings.'
  13. 'The ultimate yo-yo team in recent seasons, Nottinghamshire have made some astute signings over the winter.'
A stupid, insane, or unpredictable person.


    Move up and down; fluctuate.
    1. 'Caley Thistle came into the match on thumping good form after thrashing Raith Rovers, but have the knack of yo-yoing from spectacular results to disappointment.'
    2. 'Now 41 years old, her weight has yo-yoed since she was 12, when her mother left her father to marry another man and move to Argentina.'
    3. 'Hearts were relegated in 1977 and spent six years yo-yoing between the Premier League and the First Division before resurfacing as a competitive force in the mid-1980s.'
    4. 'He was beginning to yo-yo between two other women.'
    5. 'Rough weather - wind and rain and yo-yoing wind direction - has made it tough for anglers to find and catch those fish.'
    6. 'Establish yourselves as a new unit rather than becoming the property of two families and yo-yoing between them.'
    7. 'The brothers had spectacularly yo-yoing lives, but all the expeditions to far-flung places and fraternal love-hatred have not been harnessed into a shapely book.'
    8. 'I don't want the job if it means he gets to yo-yo me around'

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    1. a spoollike toy consisting of two thick wooden, plastic, or metal disks connected by a dowel pin in the center to which a string is attached, one end being looped around the player's finger so that the toy can be spun out and reeled in by wrist motion.

    2. something that fluctuates or moves up and down, especially suddenly or repeatedly.

    3. Slang. a stupid, foolish, or incompetent person. adjective

    4. Informal. moving up and down or back and forth; fluctuating; vac

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    "markets can be yoyo."

    "behaviours can be yoyo."


    (yo-yo)Early 20th century: probably ultimately from a language of the Philippines.