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The period between childhood and adult age.
  1. 'What changed, he said, wasn't so much the behavior of the police, but the expectations of the poor, especially the minority youth.'
  2. 'The family oriented residential event offered a full programme of presentations, seminars and workshops for the youth and adults.'
  3. 'There was a period when the youth were seen avoiding temples or any religious activities.'
  4. 'In terms of the severity, there was no difference between the youth and adult groups.'
  5. 'The youth bust and old age boom will change the states' dependency ratios.'
  6. 'Considering the youth of that second group, we'll call its members the Eager Eight.'
  7. 'It was hoped, Witbooi added, that this would sensitise the youth on what was wrong and right in society.'
  8. 'Down the hall, the youth committee is struggling to find adults to chaperone the youth service project.'
  9. 'The youth were overwhelmingly from secondary schools, with an average age of 14 to 17.'
  10. 'There was no statistical difference between the youth and adult groups in the distribution of diagnoses of injuries.'
  11. 'she imagined her youth and beauty fading'
  12. 'The qualities of youth and beauty were regarded as a fitting gift for their gods.'
  13. 'This country has to stay young, and will draw its youth and vigour from the new faces that are bound to come to power.'
A young man.
  1. 'The second youth was white, aged 13 to 14, about 4 foot four inches tall, dressed in a similar fashion with a dark blue or black woolly hat.'
  2. 'There were a gang of hard looking youths hanging around near the spot where the car should be parked.'
  3. 'One youth aged 17, had been released from a four-month custody sentence for a racist attack on a Turkish worker at his Acomb shop only days before the incident.'
  4. 'The set-up of the court is different from that for adults so the youth on trial feels more a part of the process.'
  5. 'Children and youths are our responsibility and it is us who are letting down our youngsters.'
  6. 'But as a callow youth and a shallow adult, I turned to the Flat and frankly didn't much care for the jumps.'
  7. 'In an attack last weekend, an information board was targeted by a gang of youths.'
  8. 'A second youth was struck in the head, reportedly with a chair.'
  9. 'He relives his childhood as a lonely youth whose only human contact seems to be his parents.'
  10. 'Nuisance caused by gangs of noisy youths congregating in the alleys has also stopped.'
  11. as modifier 'youth culture'
  12. 'Complicating the issue of national identity was the rise of a distinct and separate youth culture.'
  13. 'I am one of the great army of black youth of this country who feels with the intuitive instinct of the oppressed, that a crisis is imminent.'
  14. 'The televised trial has drawn national attention in a country where youth sports are popular and competitive.'
  15. 'Music halls, theaters, book shops, and art galleries attract crowds of middle-class youth.'
  16. 'For urban teenagers, American youth culture, especially clothing and music, is very popular.'
  17. 'Britpop was Trainspotting's main vehicle to integrate youth subculture into popular culture.'
  18. 'I guess I worry about talking about youth culture generally, because I think it's such a small slice of youth culture.'
  19. 'At the minute we're the mainstay of youth culture.'
  20. 'There are at least two key aspects of youth culture in 1980s Britain which, I feel, will never be ‘revived’.'
  21. 'She shows how Hispanic minors are poised to overtake African Americans as the largest ethnic youth population in the country.'

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1. the condition of being young.

2. the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc., characteristic of one who is young.

3. the time of being young; early life: His youth was spent on the farm.

4. the period of life from puberty to the attainment of full growth; adolescence.

5. the first or early period of anything: The business, even in its youth, showed great potential.

6. young persons collectively.

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"unemployments can be youth."

"services can be youth."

"policies can be youth."

"levels can be youth."

"hostellings can be youth."

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Old English geoguth, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch jeugd, German Jugend, also to young.