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A child, young person, or young animal.
  1. 'The prize will only be awarded if the youngster was at school for the selected session.'
  2. 'Members are organising a transport survey to find out how youngsters get to school.'
  3. 'Parents are now faced with a tough decision on the school to which their youngsters will move.'
  4. 'The football strips have been very well received by the youngsters at the school.'
  5. 'It has been a troubled late adolescence for the youngster and those around him.'
  6. 'He will be working with the youth team and offering the youngsters guidance.'
  7. 'The youngster's life was changed suddenly when he was going to the fair with friends.'
  8. 'It was one of several schemes the school runs to encourage youngsters to attend lessons.'
  9. 'The girl then took the youngster to Woolwich town centre and told her to go into a shop to replace her wet clothes.'
  10. 'She said that bullying is not just isolated to schools or youngsters but can be seen in society.'

More definitions

1. a child.

2. a young person.

3. a young horse or other animal.

4. (in the British navy) a midshipman of less than four years' standing.

5. (in the U.S. Naval Academy) a midshipman in the second year.

More examples(as adjective)

"findings can be youngster."