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A loud, sharp cry of pain, surprise, or delight.
  1. 'The man let out a short, sharp yell of pain and dropped his arm to cover his wound.'
  2. 'Eliza made a loud yell from the other side of the room.'
  3. 'Halfway between anger and pain, his yell begins as a firm shout but falls weakly to the floor.'
  4. 'I gave a loud yell of indignation when the book was wrenched from my hands, and I looked up to see Alex staring down at me, amusement glittering in his stormy eyes.'
  5. 'Loud yells and screams deafened Laura from any sound.'
  6. 'There came a sharp yell directed towards the six newcomers, and Tamora swiveled her head in its direction with dismissive interest.'
  7. 'Surprised by the sudden yell he lost control of the car for a moment and swerved onto the other side of the road causing a car coming in the opposite direction to blare its horn.'
  8. 'Screams of pain, yells of anger, crashes of metal on metal, blasts of magic, and snaps of armor or people all ran across his ears at once.'
  9. 'Suddenly, there was a sickening crack, followed by a loud yell of pain.'
  10. 'We chatted for a bit, then I heard a loud yell and we went to explore upstairs.'
  11. 'They began to shout yells of victory as they watched the Unions retreat.'
  12. 'With three guards behind him, the man called Ryuma Kakounji gaited up through the cheers and yells from star-struck commoners and fans.'
  13. 'As they finished their last song, I rushed up to talk to them amidst cheers and yells from the crowd.'
  14. 'Across the territory, beaches were filled with the thud of drum beats and the yells of participating teams and their supporters.'
  15. 'He looked into the crowd, first to the left then the right, all the while letting his people idolize him with cheers and yells.'
  16. 'The terraces that for years echoed to the cheers, yells - and sometimes boos - of generations of proud Manchester City supporters are fast being reduced to dust.'
  17. 'And then Ben's match began, and it was him I cheered for instead, my yells sounding hollow even to my own ears.'
  18. 'With all those cheers, yells, and the occasional moan when a favourite player is out, just when you thought he will score another 50 or 100.'
  19. 'Most of the Toro-ke were there, and the cheers and yells and catcalls and whoops made by everyone nearly knocked Maeya over upon their descent.'
  20. 'After a while, I heard a loud noise, the mixture of two hundred cheers and yells as the graduating class concluded their ceremony and celebrated the beginning of a new chapter of their lives.'
An extremely amusing person or thing.


    Shout in a loud, sharp way.
    1. 'Estrella heard a voice yell out in surprise that was followed by a laugh of unexpectedness.'
    2. 'Islanders goaltender Chris Osgood comes out of his crease and yells at the rookie, his anger obvious.'
    3. 'We were then greeted by a loud thud against the door and a very loud voice yelling at us.'
    4. 'How is that possible when I could hear some woman down the hallway yelling all the time?'
    5. 'Rohan Merry, who was driving the car, said he heard his friend yell in pain and turned to his side to see blood pouring from Andrew's head.'
    6. 'Dom yelled louder than he should have while he pointed to a girl in the middle of the remains.'
    7. 'Suddenly, he heard his friend yell and the team swerved left.'
    8. 'Mr Singh chased the man out the door and yelled at him as he ran off then got in a car.'
    9. 'They yelled that I should throw them a line, so that they might drag me in to the shore.'
    10. 'The car made a U-turn, the men in the car yelling and gesturing angrily at me.'
    11. 'Cleo hit back at him and tore at his arms with her nails, kicking his as hard as she could and yelling even louder than before.'

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    1. to cry out or speak with a strong, loud, clear sound; shout: He always yells when he is angry.

    2. to scream with pain, fright, etc. verb (used with object)

    3. to utter or tell by yelling: to yell an order to the troops. noun

    4. a cry uttered by yelling.

    5. a cheer or shout of fixed words or syllables, as one adopted by a school or college to encourage a team.

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    "backs can be yell."


    Old English g(i)ellan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gillen and German gellen.