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Containing or resembling yeast.
  1. 'It's as if your formative years have passed and you've turned into a surly teenager, sulking in your fizzing sack, staring at your yeasty sock, explaining your version of the world to anyone who will listen.'
  2. 'All day long the smell of ginger, various berries, sugar, molasses, piecrust, and the warm yeasty smell of bread permeated the air in the kitchens all over the region.'
  3. 'Easy acidity, yeasty on top with citrus palate.'
  4. 'Dry, very French style sparkler with yeasty tang and crisp clean palate.'
  5. 'Chardonnay and pinot noir melded into a fresh, lightly fruity wine with a crisp line in bubbles that is endearing rather than profound, with its charming wash of yeasty warmth.'
  6. 'A slight musky odour is OK but a rancid yeasty smell is not.'
  7. 'A baguette should have a crisp shell, a white crumb with varied texture and a good yeasty smell of bread.'
  8. 'I dare say that, during some of the time I've spent staring into space this week, these ideas have in fact been developing and fermenting in my mind like hops in a big yeasty vat.'
  9. 'Brewed by the Lobkowicz brewery since 1466, this reveals a hoppy nose, a meaty, yeasty middle palate and a clean, sharp bite on the finish.'
  10. 'Smoky nuts, ripe apples and yeasty notes wrap themselves around a core of bubbles and refreshing acidity.'
  11. 'the yeasty days of yesterday's revolution'
  12. 'The World Bank has been force-feeding its yeasty market fundamentalism to the developing world for three decades, and ignoring the mass poisoning that so often mysteriously follows in its wake.'
  13. 'Cason developed his ideas about journalism during a yeasty period in the profession's academic history.'
  14. 'Yet we also realize that these events are not over; they are still working their yeasty, transforming power in creation and in us.'
  15. 'With this kind of decision, a decision of war and peace, you want there to be an active, yeasty discussion, debate within the administration.'
  16. 'This is always good, clean fun, fruity enough, dry enough, yeasty enough. ($10)'
  17. 'Our yeasty political pluralism, with its ever-changing policies, multiple presumed leaders competing for influence, high turnover, and multiple layers of governance are enough to make a grown manager cry.'


1. of, containing, or resembling yeast.

2. frothy; foamy.

3. youthful; exuberant; ebullient.

4. trifling; frivolous.

5. characterized by agitation, excitement, change, etc.: the yeasty years immediately following college.

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"smells can be yeasty."

"pastes can be yeasty."

"mountains can be yeasty."

"fruits can be yeasty."

"foods can be yeasty."

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