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adjective & adverb

Happening or produced once a year or every year.
  1. as adverb 'rent was paid yearly'
  2. 'We believe it may be the first of its kind in York, and we hope it will become a yearly festival to create a focus event for ethnic groups in York.'
  3. 'Nadia organises a yearly charity show to raise cash for Cancer Research.'
  4. 'It's a yearly miracle that's been taking place since 1990, and each is better than the one before.'
  5. 'His comments come after the publication of the yearly crime figures.'
  6. 'It was a very good day, so good the trip became a yearly tradition well into my college years.'
  7. 'Now a yearly phenomenon, the New Music Festival chooses a different theme for each year.'
  8. 'Annual or yearly performance results will generally have an overriding importance.'
  9. 'We've got the yearly circus in the field near our tower block again.'
  10. 'Newspapers are constrained by a yearly license required from the Home Ministry.'
  11. 'She visited her relatives in Castledermot on a yearly basis when her brother and sister were alive.'

More definitions

1. pertaining to a year or to each year.

2. done, made, happening, appearing, coming, etc., once a year or every year: a yearly medical examination.

3. computed or determined by the year.

4. continuing or lasting for a year. adverb

5. once a year; annually. noun, plural yearlies.

6. a publication appearing once a year.

More examples(as adjective)

"payments can be yearly in dates."

"conversions can be yearly at prices."

"results can be yearly."

"bases can be yearly."

"totals can be yearly."

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Old English gēarlic (see year, -ly).