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Lasting for or throughout a year.
  1. 'During a year-long trial period 350 tons of glass were deposited in Bolton Council's five bottle banks.'
  2. 'A year-long battle to save it ended in defeat earlier this year.'
  3. 'She talks about her father's arrest and year-long imprisonment before the family came to Canada.'
  4. 'The mother of a two-year-old girl has died of cancer after a brave, year-long battle against the disease.'
  5. 'A man who is being treated for leukaemia is planning to run two marathons as part of a year-long push to raise cash for a cancer charity.'
  6. 'MAN of the match Kelvin Lockwood made a dramatic comeback to football after a year-long struggle with arthritis.'
  7. 'Her mother died at the hospice in March after a brave year-long battle against cancer.'
  8. 'After a year-long courtship, a diamond and sapphire ring from India sealed the deal.'
  9. 'Celebrities are launching a year-long campaign today to put pressure on governments to eradicate world poverty.'
  10. 'A year-long series of events are planned in 2007 to mark 100 years of the Scouts.'


1. lasting for a year.

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"trials can be yearlong."

"investigations can be yearlong."

"battles can be yearlong."

"reviews can be yearlong."

"courses can be yearlong."

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