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The end of the financial year.
  1. 'invoices not received at the year end'
  2. 'When it published its third quarter figures Elan said it expected to raise $200m cash from asset disposals by the year end.'
  3. 'Take your year-end numbers and compare them line by line with your business plan.'
  4. 'I don't think we are going in to a prolonged bear market, but I think it will be volatile and will have a downward bias and I think we can go lower before the year end.'
  5. 'Again, if postings had been carried out correctly, by the year end this account should also have had a nil balance.'
  6. 'By year end, we are likely to have revenue growth falling down through the inventory growth rate.'
  7. 'Since preliminary tax is based on an estimate, it is fair to assume that after the year end, there will be a balance of tax due either to Revenue or to the tax payer.'
  8. 'According to the Executive, the report will appear this spring - a full year after its official year end of March 2005.'
  9. 'Up to about 30 years ago there was usually a small surplus in the coffers at the year end.'
  10. 'The group has, furthermore, performed well in its core activities in the period since the year end.'
  11. 'It seems to me that this is the more realistic income figure for the Husband and it shall be adjusted retroactively, if the Husband receives a bonus at the year end.'

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1. year's end; the end of a calendar year. adjective

2. taking place or done at the year-end: a year-end sale; a year-end audit.

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"markets can be yearend."

"pressures can be yearend."

"trades can be yearend."

"results can be yearend."

"reports can be yearend."

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