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      1. Archaic, except in some elevated or ecclesiastical prose Literary, orBritish Dialect. (used nominatively as the plural of thou especially in rhetorical, didactic, or poetic contexts, in addressing a group of persons or things): O ye of little faith; ye brooks and hills. (used nominatively for the second person singular, especially in polite address): Do ye not know me? (used objectively in the second person singular or plural): I have something to tell ye. Arise, the enemy is u

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      "fears can be ye."


      (ye)Graphic variant; in late Middle English þ (see thorn) came to be written identically with y, so that the could be written ye. This spelling (usually ye) was kept as a convenient abbreviation in handwriting down to the 19th century, and in printers' types during the 15th and 16th centuries, but it was never pronounced as ‘ye’.


      ye gods!