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Involuntarily open one's mouth wide and inhale deeply due to tiredness or boredom.
  1. 'He yawned and inhaled the dusty, musty air that he had become so familiar with over the last five years.'
  2. 'He yawns, covering his mouth, and hears the sound of the television playing somewhere in the house.'
  3. 'Once the fire was stable, he returned to his spot, yawned deeply, and went to sleep.'
  4. 'Harrieth woke up and rubbed the sleep dust from her eyes, she yawned deeply, throwing her arms out to the side.'
  5. 'Demetre yawned and opened his teary eyes, looking around and spotting Britney still asleep in his arms.'
  6. 'Tinara opened her mouth to reply, but she suddenly put a hand to her mouth and yawned.'
  7. 'I blinked my eyes blearily and opened my mouth to yawn, I felt thick and slow.'
  8. 'When young people see us, they either start yawning involuntarily or inhale our old people's smell and start retching.'
  9. 'Alexis felt a compelling need to yawn but as she opened her mouth the arm tightened.'
  10. 'I opened my mouth to yawn, but before I knew it, I was throwing up on the floor.'
Be wide open.
  1. 'To be confronted by yawning gaps in the stands will prove an embarrassment and one Africa will not live down.'
  2. 'Every bend takes you higher while your breath is suspended looking at the yawning chasm below.'
  3. 'Rather, cultivate an aura of benign but almost yawning familiarity (but don't snub her either).'
  4. 'In fact, it really just underlines the now yawning chasm between the old and new world approaches to wine.'
  5. 'Which just goes to show the difference - nay, the yawning chasm!'
  6. 'The game had been due to start at 3pm but, at that time, there were yawning expanses of empty seats in all four stands.'
  7. 'The void between rich and poor is now a yawning chasm and home ownership is but a dream for most young couples.'
  8. 'An image of two yawning voids behind amber glass flashed through her mind.'
  9. 'Falling stock markets have caused yawning gaps to appear between the assets and liabilities of final salary pension schemes.'
  10. 'At last we reach the summit, where Alex shrinks back from the yawning chasm.'


A reflex act of opening one's mouth wide and inhaling deeply due to tiredness or boredom.
  1. 'Hugh Bradley was in the pool recently and said the two boys had yawns as wide as a hippopotamus' mouth.'
  2. 'But we are tired, and Mum mistakes our tiredness and stifled yawns for boredom.'
  3. 'Sadie's heavy eyelids and swallow-the-earth yawns were entirely down to yet another interminable boredom barrage from Mr Brown.'
  4. 'I don't even try to stifle my yawns while at the in-laws house.'
  5. 'Rather than yawns of ‘we're bored’ the students engaged in lively debate with the Minister putting a myriad of questions to her ranging from the EU to the challenges of democracy.'
  6. 'I tried not to show my boredom, but my yawns were coming quicker and quicker.'
  7. 'She is the most perfect creation in the world, the most innocent bundle of coos and yawns and mumbles, and my heart breaks every time she focuses on my face.'
  8. 'Conner rose and stretched, his lupine muzzle gaping wide in a colossal yawn, the muscles rippling across his broad back.'
  9. 'The transnational morality set can barely stifle their yawns.'
  10. 'It's striking that the fecklessness of the United Nations and the treachery of the French draw so many yawns from establishment commentators and politicians.'
  11. 'the film is just one big yawn'
  12. 'If you are part of the Big Five, XYZ is a just a big yawn.'
  13. 'Because the dirty little secret is that most Americans still greet the MLS with a big yawn.'
  14. 'So pausing only to wonder at this weird form of celebrity inflation, in which the words rise and interest disappears with a popping yawn, here is a final thought.'
  15. 'Technologically speaking, the last 100 years of handgun development have been one big yawn.'
  16. 'But the comedy is ghastly dull, the choreography fussy and boring - a yawn a minute, I thought sourly.'
  17. 'Put frankly, the whole thing was one big yawn which was mitigated only by the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day.'
  18. 'It happened 15 years ago and it's been either a big yawn or a big laugh ever since.'
  19. 'I hope I'm wrong, but right now the whole issue is just one big yawn.'
  20. 'Whatever it is I find it a relief to know you can be in your 40's and not turn into a boring middleaged yawn.'
  21. 'If like the rest of us you feel this year's Big Brother is a bit * yawn * compared to other years then join with us to keep the rebellious Dubliner in the house.'

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1. being or standing wide open; gaping: the yawning mouth of a cave.

2. indicating by yawns one's weariness or indifference: The lecturer was oblivious to his yawning audience.

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"deficits can be yawning."

"gaps can be yawning."

"gulfs can be yawning."

"budgets can be yawning."

"leads can be yawning."

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Old English geonian, of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin hiare and Greek khainein. Current noun senses date from the early 18th century.