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A measuring rod a yard long, typically divided into inches.
  1. 'You'll need a yardstick, masking tape, and a partner for this test.'
  2. 'After tamping a few square feet, use a yardstick or a ruler to measure the tamped depth.'
  3. 'Next, using the yardstick as a guide, pencil as many straight lines as you need for your quote.'
  4. 'Use a yardstick or steel tape measure, never a cloth tape measure.'
  5. 'Measure the size of the glass with a yardstick or folding rule.'
  6. 'Wilson and Jungner's criteria are a yardstick against which a screening programme can be judged.'
  7. 'They are the perfect twoseome, whose relationship is looked upon as solid and ideal, a yardstick if you will for others to measure up to, an unshakeable bond.'
  8. 'It is only at the end-point that, for want of a better yardstick, a probabilistic test is applied.'
  9. 'It is too easy to condemn the past by using as a yardstick the standards of modern western democracies.'
  10. 'Spinoza is also right in his belief that truth is, in the end, our only yardstick, and that to live by any other standard is to be the victim of circumstance.'
  11. 'Lord Chesham, chairman of the RAC, said: ‘Never have so many statistics been compared with so many variable yardsticks.’'
  12. 'Starr offers a yardstick and a set of principles for evaluating our media and the political choices we make about those media.'
  13. 'Its implication is that the only yardstick to measure commitment to community and industry is capital investment.'
  14. 'By this period, however, it had come to be recognised as a classic of the new genre, and a yardstick against which to compare subsequent product.'
  15. 'This is a useful yardstick when comparing highly indebted companies in a particular industry with lowly indebted ones.'
  16. 'Equality requires a common yardstick, or measure of judgement, not a plurality of meanings.'

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1. a stick a yard long, commonly marked with subdivisions, used for measuring.

2. any standard of measurement or judgment: Test scores are not the only yardstick of academic achievement.

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"principles can be yardstick."