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Give a sharp, shrill bark.
  1. 'The huskies are now yapping, howling, and hopping in the air.'
  2. 'A Dachshund yapped behind a wrought iron gate in the courtyard I traversed.'
  3. 'Jack, Duke and Rambo, the three mutts that stayed on with the group, ran about with energy that came from an unknown source, barking and yipping and yapping at the cattle.'
  4. 'New York City is preparing for a drastic new approach to noise such as as giving barking dogs five minutes to cease yapping at night and obliging ice cream vans to replace their musical jingles with bells.'
  5. 'The Dead Dog was back, only this one barked and yapped for an hour as it tried and failed to make the cunning old bull make a mistake and stray into the stunning pen.'
  6. 'But when the dog saw them it released the sarong and sprinted towards them, yapping ferociously.'
  7. 'The dog in turn, observed the affect he had on the cat and began to circle around Melinda's feet and start yapping and snapping at her heels.'
  8. 'She had her arms wrapped around his neck and Iggy yapping at her heels as he paced about.'
  9. 'It jumped over her heel and landed in front of Damian, still yapping away.'
  10. 'A small dog yaps along the pavement next to a boy on a trike.'
  11. 'But logic, decency and/or patriotism in action - as opposed to simply yapping about it - surely shouldn't be beyond the wit even of this most slippery and self-serving of governments.'
  12. 'Then I started yapping to someone else about Kraftwerk, when I realised that the lights were dimming and it was time for Sparks to commence their second set of the night.'
  13. 'Nell walked over to a group of guys so I was stuck listening to Curley Sue yap away.'
  14. 'We were up late last night drinking and yapping.'
  15. 'All the women join the gym and yap constantly about Weight Watchers.'
  16. 'I wish the commentators would tell us what we're seeing, but they are yapping generically about pageantry.'
  17. 'I used to start yapping then and I'd still be yapping at five o'clock at night.'
  18. 'Their supposedly ‘fun’ pieces on sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll virtually never tell me anything the mainstream isn't already yapping in my ear, thus they are no fun.'
  19. 'Everybody starts yapping at each other, and it goes from there, like a big convoy.'


A sharp, shrill bark.
  1. 'Imagine for a moment that you're a Chihuahua, that is, that you're a tiny, almost decorative dog, with a yap rather than a bark, and yap that is worse than your bite.'
  2. 'Beck gave one last yap before settling back into the boat.'
  3. 'To further obfuscate matters, he hiccups, barks, yaps, and swallows his rhymes.'
  4. 'And there is no chorus of dogs, locked in yards alone, whose barks and yaps and howls, at most other times of the year, bounce from ridge to ridge, amplified by winds.'
  5. 'All night the same cycle, a low deep bark and then the yap of the chihuahua.'
  6. 'Sebastian echoed our sentiments with a well-placed yap.'
  7. 'Frogs have filled the night with croaks, yaps, grunts, chirps, trills, and warbles since the Age of Dinosaurs; some can be heard from a mile away.'
  8. 'The sculpture is embedded with 3,000 toy dogs whose little synchronized yaps are triggered by a hidden motion sensor.'
A person's mouth.
  1. 'And the unique twists in the overlapping subplots demand that critics like myself keep our fat yaps shut and give away as little as possible.'
  2. 'Don't apologize for telling a player to shut their yap when they talk at the wrong time!'
  3. '‘If you don't shut your yap I'll smoke you myself,’ Mavi said ready to attack Casper if he said one more word.'
  4. 'The result is that Cassius Broaster sits in a federal jail cell with little to do but keep his big yap shut.'
  5. 'Advice to gaming journalists everywhere: keep your yaps shut about GameCube being dead.'
  6. 'All I needed them to do was help me get $223 worth of beer and keep their yaps shut about it.'
  7. 'When your opponent is suffering a steady stream of self-inflicted wounds… that's a good time to keep your yap shut.'
  8. 'They must be trusted to keep their big yaps shut.'
  9. 'My first taste of the Fringe Festival came in the form of Baba Brinkman's chattering yap.'

More definitions

1. to bark sharply, shrilly, or snappishly; yelp.

2. Slang. to talk shrilly, noisily, or foolishly. verb (used with object), yapped, yapping.

3. to utter by yapping. noun

4. a sharp, shrill, or snappish bark; yelp.

5. Slang. shrill, noisy, or foolish talk. the mouth: Keep your yap shut.

6. Slang. an uncouth or stupid person; bumpkin; fool.

More examples(as adjective)

"trills can be yapping."


(yap)Early 17th century (denoting a dog that yaps): imitative.