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A person who sails yachts.
  1. 'One of the more memorable being the rescue of Englishman Tony Bullimore and other yachtsmen after their vessels became disabled in January 1997.'
  2. 'The Royal Navy found their early crews among the yachtsmen, racing enthusiasts, and fishermen who populated Britain's coastal towns and villages.'
  3. 'He is a former vice president of The Cruising Association, the principal organisation for cruising yachtsmen.'
  4. 'Two members of a Royal Navy search and rescue team have been nominated for an award following a mission which saved the life of an injured yachtsman - the third time the pair have been singled out for their efforts.'
  5. 'Usps was formed, in 1914, largely in response to the perceived need to inculcate skills in a new breed of yachtsmen - powerboat owners - who were just entering the sport.'
  6. 'The Renegade under skipper Brendan Ryan went to the assistance of the lone yachtsman and took the yacht in tow and the sailor on board.'
  7. 'The yachtsmen, who were sailing from Gove to Darwin expressed appreciation of the efforts by PALUMA and her ship's company.'
  8. 'Fishermen, sailors and yachtsmen have been taking advantage of the recent good weather to prepare their boats for the coming season.'
  9. 'More than 120 yachtsmen will be steering a course towards the South Pole as they sail the 50 ft vessel Ice Maiden 10,000 miles from Britain to the tiny island of South Georgia.'
  10. 'Most yachtsmen interviewed by Port Call News did not object to paying a ‘reasonable ‘mooring fee.’'

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1. a person who owns or sails a yacht, or who is devoted to yachting.

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"thankses can be yachtsmen."

"englishmans can be yachtsmen."