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A medium-sized sailing boat equipped for cruising or racing.
  1. 'About 280 Olympic class yachts in 11 classes from 70 nations are based at Sydney's Olympic Marina to participate in 14 days of racing.'
  2. 'On his office wall here, along with some breathtaking drawings of yacht hulls, is a black-and-white photograph of a small yacht being pounded by gigantic seas.'
  3. 'These are the sounds that surround Carina - the racing yacht on which I'll be sailing this month from Newport to Bermuda.'
  4. 'Three people were rescued from the stricken yacht's life raft by sailors from HMAS Newcastle.'
  5. 'I asked to be transported to a sailing yacht, cruising just offshore of that beach.'
  6. 'The suspended flotilla includes modern powerboats, yachts and coracles.'
  7. 'Mr Labouchere, who lives in Stratford-sub-Castle, has been at the forefront of revolutionary design for many years, building his career designing hulls for ferries and racing yachts.'
  8. 'Three sailors from the Southampton area have been airlifted to safety after sending a dramatic text message from their racing yacht which capsized in a severe gale off the Isle of Wight.'
  9. 'Last year's Regatta grew to a record 138 high-calibre racing yachts with over 4000 competitors and spectators.'
  10. 'In 1973 the Hesketh Team boarded a luxury yacht and cruised into Monaco harbour for their first F1 race.'
  11. 'Sailing is particularly popular around the reef and the Whitsunday Islands, and there are many live-aboard boats and charter yachts.'
  12. 'The crew made a distress call after their 47 foot yacht started dragging its anchor and was in danger of going ashore onto the rocks.'
  13. 'On specially designated weekends and bank holidays the SY Carolla, the oldest sea-going steam yacht, visits the museum.'
  14. 'My husband is in the process of sailing a 42 foot yacht up to Scotland from down south, so the summer will be spent on the west coast.'
  15. 'She was a beautiful old steam yacht belonging originally to the Guinness family.'
  16. 'For the rich - a remote-controlled exact copy of an America's cup yacht 1 / 15th the size of a normal vessel.'
  17. 'You can, of course, charter sail or power yachts in the Bahamas, but the real kick is arriving in your own small vessel.'
  18. 'The Victorian steam yacht was originally designed in the form of a Venetian gondola and was first launched in 1859 on Coniston Water.'
  19. 'Up from Kirkhaven harbour, scattered along the shore, are the remains of the steam yacht, Island.'
  20. 'Piëch has already rewarded himself by buying a 102-foot yacht to sail around the world with his family.'


Race or cruise in a yacht.
  1. 'And, if a 527 was making the ad, they might use a montage of pictures of Kerry touring NASA in a space suit, or windsurfing, or yachting.'
  2. 'There is also yachting, which is what I'm doing, and here things are much gentler.'
  3. 'Czech immigrant and British media tycoon Robert Maxwell drowned alone at night while yachting off the Canary Islands in November 1991.'
  4. 'Since 1924, Gleneagles has been part of a triumvirate of attractions that started with yachting in Cowes, continued with polo in Deauville and ended with grouse shooting and golf in Perthshire.'
  5. 'George was well-known and respected in Rosses Point for his contribution to and interest in golfing, yachting and boating over many years.'
  6. 'They are sky diving, yachting, rock climbing and mountain biking.'
  7. 'Up to now the handsome Prince Rainier has preferred big-game hunting, yachting, car racing and diving into underwater caverns off the south of France, to seeking a wife.'
  8. 'He'd spent the past 20 years yachting around the world.'
  9. 'In Bird of Paradise, McCrea plays Johnny, a happy-go-lucky guy out yachting with his friends in the South Seas.'
  10. 'As the central figure is the diminutive yachtsman Peter Cummins, I felt it would be interesting to see just how much yachting he had done, where and with whom.'
  11. 'We found a woman who took part in ballooning, yachting.'
  12. 'There will also be an auction of promises featuring goodies such as a week's break in a house in France, a day's yachting for five people and a day on the gallops plus lunch.'

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1. a vessel used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercial purposes. verb (used without object)

2. to sail, voyage, or race in a yacht.

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Mid 16th century: from early modern Dutch jaghte, from jaghtschip ‘fast pirate ship’, from jag(h)t ‘hunting’ + schip ‘ship’.