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Made of wool.
  1. 'The word soon spread, and woolly tights became something of a must-have cult item with all us children on the mountain.'
  2. 'The suspect is described as white, 5ft 11 in, of stocky build, and wearing a woolly hat, denim jacket, a white T-shirt and dark jeans.'
  3. 'Tried to get a pint at lunchtime only to find the entire bar stuffed with weirdo Liberals wearing kaftans and woolly sweaters, who had come all the way up from Cornwall to spend a week on a lost cause.'
  4. '"We are all wearing big woolly jumpers, so not many customers have noticed.'
  5. 'Leave the thermals at home, forget the woolly hat and the three pairs of socks, and instead, don stylish sunglasses and a shirt.'
  6. 'The suspects are described as white males with woolly hats and dark clothing.'
  7. 'He had a black woolly hat and wore a khaki jacket with red scarf and gloves.'
  8. 'Her face was still covered by the old woolly hood.'
  9. 'Someone had also covered her in warm woolly blankets, effectively keeping out the night's chill.'
  10. 'But I need a hottie and a pair of woolly socks.'
  11. 'woolly grey-green foliage'
  12. 'Anyone got a handle on short, white, woolly giraffes?'
  13. 'Geologists say it probably once belonged to a woolly mammoth or a mastodon.'
  14. 'One of these species, the woolly rhino, is clearly shown in the cave paintings of early humans.'
  15. 'Twenty-two sheep found themselves with a week's detention at Ingleton Middle School after the headmistress, Mary Parker, impounded the woolly creatures.'
  16. 'The bones of mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, lion, bison, and great Irish elk were found.'
  17. 'Beneath us, the grass-covered, flat-roofed huts of Gujjar shepherds, the flocks of woolly sheep, the sturdy ponies and their handlers all headed to Kongdori.'
  18. 'Even a bear cuscus, a woolly marsupial found in Sulawesi's forests and normally a leaf-eater, won't turn down a succulent fig.'
  19. 'Our textbooks were full of woolly mammals and cave men from the northern hemisphere but we knew very, very little of how the great Australian environment had responded to those events of the last Ice Age.'
  20. 'Well, it's not all about sweet little woolly creatures, you know.'
  21. 'woolly wisps of cloud'
  22. 'The seasonal molt of their woolly winter hair makes them look even more wretched.'
  23. 'An aromatic woolly plant native to Crete, formerly believed to have magical powers.'
  24. 'Behind the coastline lies a bank of woolly cloud.'
  25. 'It is all very well reading out these nice woolly, fluffy comments that the Minister has made, but the member knows that it is not fair.'
  26. 'When I released it this morning, it merely hunched on the ground beneath a woolly bush, its feathers fluffed up, and grey as the overcast day.'
  27. 'She had woolly golden hair and blue Slovakian eyes.'
  28. 'Squatting on all fours like some great beast of the forest, Erik shook his mane of wild auburn hair, scratched his woolly beard, and flared his nostrils as he took heavy breaths of cool air.'
  29. 'Usually three or four terminal or sub-terminal inflorescences arise together and these are covered with short woolly hairs.'
Vague or confused in expression or character.
  1. 'The judges felt the Entitlement card idea was just too stupid, woolly and nebulous to win.'
  2. 'Even then, it was based on a short and rather woolly statement.'
  3. 'The more detail that is demanded the better, because it will concentrate the minds of a group of people who tend to be hopelessly vague and woolly.'
  4. 'Where doubt is talked about quite a bit in the Dharma is the sort of doubt that leaves one being vague and woolly, so you sort of think, oh, I can't meditate, or I could never be enlightened.'
  5. 'I try to persuade them that holistic medicine need not be, indeed must not be, woolly and imprecise.'
  6. 'The letter " Speed humps damage cars " is plain woolly thinking.'
  7. 'He insists that the Heriot's amendment is too woolly to vote upon.'
  8. 'It's all a little vague and woolly at present, and nothing much will happen, as far as the consumer is concerned, for a year or two.'
  9. 'Labour has been vague and woolly with regard to the treaty settlement process up until now.'
  10. '"Several parishes have responded that the proposals are too woolly and open to inconsistent and individual interpretation.'
  11. 'an opaque and woolly recording'
  12. 'The Sovtek has a wooly sound, with a pronounced lower midrange.'


A garment made of wool, especially a pullover.
  1. 'During the conference, when I was in the hotel, the air conditioning was so fierce I had to wear my woollies to keep warm.'
  2. 'Bargain hunters snapped up everything from winter woollies to suits and evening wear.'
  3. 'Icy mornings, hail, sleet and snow have had everyone dusting off their winter woollies even though spring has officially sprung.'
  4. 'Tell-tale splodges between the fingers, round the ankles and, in a couple of particularly bad cases, down the cleavage suggested that I wasn't the only one aghast at the effects of nine months swaddled in layers of woollies.'
  5. 'When they considered we had collected enough we would swap our woollies for the potatoes.'
  6. 'She's too busy buying woollies for everyone else before Christmas, and will only come back to treat herself in the January sales.'
  7. 'As temperatures start to drop, out come the woollies, together with all manner of heating appliances - and fires - to make the nights and early mornings more bearable.'
  8. 'Norse woollies do not have to mean complicated geometric patterns.'
  9. 'Lord knows how we will all cope when the truly important stuff begins and people in curious woollies are hitting dimpled balls into little holes.'
  10. 'Conversely, in spring, it can be sweltering and yet it is not officially ‘warm’ yet so the students have to stay wearing their winter woollies whilst the rest of the country has moved onto cool cottons.'
A sheep.
  1. 'Pioneer historians were quick to notice that bighorn epidemics regularly followed the arrival of tame woollies.'


1. woolly.

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"caps can be wooly."

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