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Made of wood.
  1. 'she closed the heavy wooden door'
  2. 'They broke in by prising open a wooden door panel and took two porcelain figurines.'
  3. 'Darleys is the restaurant in the rather grand old wooden house next door to Lilianfels hotel.'
  4. 'He had a toy, wooden sword in one hand and a piece of oozing vanilla cake in the other.'
  5. 'All manner of items were up for sale, including the good old fashioned wooden toys.'
  6. 'Voices and footsteps were heard from outside the thick wooden doors that led to the dining room.'
  7. 'Around one corner was a thick wooden door with a barred window that begged inspection.'
  8. 'Out the patio door, the wooden deck was high off the ground and made of light oak wood.'
  9. 'The breakfast area has a vaulted wooden ceiling and double doors leading to the patio area.'
  10. 'We still have six wooden doors there that we bought two years ago to replace the hollow-core doors in the house.'
  11. 'The water kept rising and was reaching chest height, so she kicked down the wooden door, injuring her leg.'
Like or characteristic of wood.
  1. 'Josephine nodded in my direction and I heard the sound of a chair scraping against the wooden floor.'
  2. 'A wooden house faced onto the courtyard and the sounds of a Corbett street floated over the house.'
  3. 'she is one of the most wooden actresses of all time'


1. consisting or made of wood; wood: a wooden ship.

2. stiff, ungainly, or awkward: a wooden gait.

3. without spirit, animation, or awareness.

4. dull or stupid.

5. indicating the fifth event of a series, as a wedding anniversary.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be wooden in lines."

"people can be wooden in dealings."

"people can be wooden in appearances."

"people can be wooden as people."

"knobs can be wooden in futures."

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