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A twisting movement or course.
  1. 'I'm thinking less of the huge, operatic rooms hung with stalactites, than the narrow windings that might end in a wall or a cliff or a small pool where tiny, blind fish swim.'
  2. 'And you learn all about the head for heights that you need if you are going to tackle one of the narrow maintenance paths that follows the tortuous windings of a levada.'
  3. 'The man followed the wave on horseback for about a mile until he lost sight of it in the windings of the canal.'
  4. 'I followed with my eye the winding of the road and saw that it curved close to one of the densest of these clumps and was lost behind it.'
A thing that winds or is wound round something.
  1. 'The outer windings seem to provide both the extra rigidity needed for motility in structured media and better propulsion in low viscosity media.'
  2. 'Of honey laden bees I was first born, but in the forest grew my outer coat; My tough back comes from shoes (the leather thongs), an iron point in artful windings cuts a fair design, and leaves long twisted furrows like a plough.'
  3. 'Engineers found a host of problems: damaging misalignments, cracked welds and broken webbing on the end-turn windings.'
  4. 'There are very fine wire windings around those heads, and if snagged while cleaning - then they are trashed.'
  5. 'An uneasy sleep wrapped itself around her like the windings of a mummy.'
  6. 'Each of the windings and diodes can fail at a time.'
  7. 'It's kind of a slow-death situation; eventually that insulation breaks down and you have a dead short in the windings and a very expensive repair job.'


Following a twisting or spiral course.
  1. 'The winding narrow streets and the houses around the church are much as they must have been in the fourteenth century.'
  2. 'Late one afternoon we found ourselves motoring along an isolated stretch of road in Idaho, which followed the winding course of a river.'
  3. 'Hop onto the platform, climb the winding staircase and prepare for a cut-price sightseeing tour of London.'
  4. 'Cat led me off down a winding, mazelike series of tunnels.'
  5. 'Take the winding staircase and wend your way to the upper section.'
  6. 'Escaping the city is as hard as surviving a day in its winding, filthy streets.'
  7. 'If you're feeling energetic you can climb a narrow winding staircase to the top.'
  8. 'The horse walked on, following the winding path through the trees.'
  9. 'The steep slope becomes a collection of terraces connected by a winding stepped path, with buildings tucked under or placed on the terraces.'
  10. 'Running trails follow the winding waterway, while paddlers row or kayak.'


1. the act of a person or thing that winds.

2. a bend, turn, or flexure.

3. a coiling, folding, or wrapping, as of one thing about another.

4. something that is wound or coiled, or a single round of it.

5. Electricity. a symmetrically laid, electrically conducting current path in any device. the manner of such coiling: a series winding. adjective

6. bending or turning; sinuous.

7. spiral, as stairs.

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"roads can be winding in moonlights."

"finances can be winding down lands."

"finances can be winding down divisions."

"dates can be winding down stocks."

"roads can be winding."

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