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A man who broadcasts a description and forecast of weather conditions.
  1. 'It was clear, despite the weatherman's forecast for snow that night.'
  2. 'Maximum temperatures today were due to reach seven degrees Celsius and weathermen forecast bright spells for tomorrow.'
  3. 'The big freeze will finally come to an end this weekend as warmer weather sweeps the country, weathermen said last night.'
  4. 'Just keep the drinks coming and leave the forecasts to the weatherman.'
  5. 'Manchester suffered the wettest August for almost 50 years - but weathermen say conditions will improve in September.'
  6. 'The major wants to fine the city-funded weathermen when their forecasts turn out to be wrong.'
  7. 'But the region's weathermen say predictions of impending blizzard conditions are wide of the mark.'
  8. 'She unloaded the groceries while telling us what the radio weatherman had said about the storm.'
  9. 'A menacingly black sky loomed upon the horizon - the weatherman had forecast a storm.'
  10. 'The weatherman is forecasting top temperatures of 25°C this weekend.'

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1. a person who forecasts and reports the weather; meteorologist.

2. a weathercaster.

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"casualties can be weathermen."