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In a way that lacks strength or force.
  1. 'She stood up weakly, testing out her strength to find that she hardly had any left.'
  2. 'A flickering light bounced weakly on the tiled brick of the sewer walls.'
  3. 'Holly pointed weakly at the wall, her legs trembling with fear.'
  4. 'Democrats have weakly supported a change in how we deal with the energy issue, but some Republicans are now beginning to pick up on the issue.'
  5. 'He cries weakly, the effort clearly straining his feeble body.'
  6. 'She weakly summoned the strength to murmur a goodbye, and then hung up.'
  7. 'He turned for the door and she leaned against the table weakly.'
  8. 'Candice gathered all of her strength and ducked under his arms and weakly tried to open the door.'
  9. 'His other arm held her remaining hand to the wall also, and she writhed, kicking weakly at him.'
  10. 'Ibis looked at her companion, completely stunned, and leaned against a building wall weakly.'
  11. 'I hung the receiver back on the wall and leaned against the fridge weakly.'


Sickly; not robust.
  1. 'Frederic Chopin was a weakly child from the first.'
  2. 'Born the son of a samurai, he was weakly as a child.'


1. weak or feeble in constitution; not robust; sickly. adverb

2. in a weak manner.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be weakly against jambs."

"statements can be weakly."

"people can be weakly."

"horizons can be weakly."

"unioniseds can be weakly."

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