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The edge of a road.
  1. 'A look at a mother in a sprawling Mumbai slum breastfeeding an infant while two more infants doze off awaiting their turn; kids running along the beach in gay abandon; a child in a deep sleep by the wayside on a torn blanket oblivious to the coins donated by generous passers-by... all make compelling viewing.'
  2. 'They can pick way through the throngs of revellers by day to nab a bargain on one of the many stalls that line the streets, or sit by the wayside and have their fortune told.'
  3. 'The fine weather has been kind to the flowers and there are some fine blooms in gardens along the wayside already.'

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1. the side of the way; land immediately adjacent to a road, highway, path, etc.; roadside. adjective

2. being, situated, or found at or along the wayside: a wayside inn.

More examples(as adjective)

"economists can be wayside."

"systems can be wayside."

"controls can be wayside."


fall by the wayside