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Resembling wax in consistency or appearance.
  1. 'There, among the white waxy flowers, she saw a small, snow-white moth with grayish hind wings.'
  2. 'Although he was still warm to the touch, he had a waxy appearance which suggested a lack of oxygen.'
  3. 'A police spokesman said the fake notes can be identified by their feel, as they will appear limp, waxy or shiny, unlike regular notes, which should be crisp.'
  4. 'He'd lost a lot of weight and his skin looked grey and waxy.'
  5. 'His yellowish-white jowls drooped, giving him a waxy appearance.'
  6. 'A favourite flower for the bouquet's centre was the amazon lily, which had white waxy blooms.'
  7. 'Their faces were waxy and pallid in the glow of the torchlight.'
  8. 'Kipflers are wonderful, waxy, yellow-fleshed potatoes that were first identified in Germany.'
  9. 'It continued with a thick steak of char-grilled tuna, sitting on a warm, waxy potato and anchovy salad, the heat of the fish wilting some pert baby spinach.'
  10. 'In another salad, waxy redskin potatoes with a deep, earthy flavour were served warm, along with a poached egg, on a combination of leaves and vegetables sprinkled with sesame seeds.'


Angry; bad-tempered.


    1. resembling wax in appearance or characteristics: His face had a waxy shine.

    2. abounding in, covered with, or made of wax: Be careful! The floor is waxy.

    3. pliable, yielding, or impressionable: a waxy personality.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "skins can be waxy with fatigues."

    "residues can be waxy."

    "textures can be waxy."

    "crudes can be waxy."

    "fleshs can be waxy."

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