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Having a smooth, pale, translucent surface or appearance like that of wax.
  1. 'She appears waxen and dead, akin to Lenin's body in its Red Square tomb.'
  2. 'And Hope's eyes remained closed; her chocolate hair spread in a cloud behind her head, waxen complexion and slowed breathing giving her the look of a sleeping fairytale princess under an evil curse.'
  3. 'Not a shadow flickered in the waxen light the moon cast over everything.'
  4. 'His face is waxen and his breath comes in wheezes, and as I move to pick him up his skin is hot to the touch.'
  5. 'Her hair, a lustrous shade of auburn, waves about her waxen face.'
  6. 'The body was waxen and pale, grained like the ancient bark of an oak after rain.'
  7. 'I lifted my head to see that Tanya was looking much better that morning, though she still looked waxen and skinny, as if she hadn't eaten in a while.'
  8. 'His father's skin, once ruddy from a lifetime of Montana ranching, has gone waxen and slack.'
  9. 'The blossoms upon the lilac tree looked waxen in the pale light and filled the air with heavenly fragrance.'
Made of wax.
  1. 'The restaurant area is aglow with vibrant shades of turquoise and tangerine, while huge candles drip waxen stalactites down one wall.'


1. made of or covered, polished, or treated with wax.

2. resembling or suggesting wax: Illness gave his face a waxen appearance.

3. weak, manageable, or impressionable: The minds of young children are waxen.

More examples(as adjective)

"faces can be waxen."

"images can be waxen."

"people can be waxen."

"cheeks can be waxen."

"presidents can be waxen."

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