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Having or consisting of a series of undulating and wave-like curves.
  1. 'The reflection of himself was somewhat distorted by the inevitable wavy bumps of the even surface.'
  2. 'He tilted his head lightly to the side, his wavy blonde locks falling sideways from his eyes.'
  3. 'The spot may be rounded or have a wavy shape and not really enclosing any area.'
  4. 'Even seabirds that dive into the jungle of wavy fronds must now look for food elsewhere.'
  5. 'There were wall hangings on all four walls, with wavy blue and green patterns racing their way down to the floor.'
  6. 'Also strange, wavy lines called shadow bands can be seen on the Earth's surface.'
  7. 'The walls were no longer plain stone, but now had several wavy carvings along the middle.'
  8. 'Her wavy brown hair was unkempt as always, and her attire consistently disheveled.'
  9. 'Her hair, which had been taken out of its braids, lay in wavy locks on her shoulders.'
  10. 'The reflection pattern is parallel and slightly wavy in the lower part, and becomes increasingly varied in the upper part.'


1. curving alternately in opposite directions; undulating: a wavy course; wavy hair.

2. abounding in or characterized by waves: the wavy sea.

3. resembling or suggesting waves: a cotton material with a wavy pattern.

4. vibrating or tremulous; unsteady; wavering.

More examples(as adjective)

"leaves can be wavy at edges."

"hairs can be wavy."

"lines can be wavy."

"leaves can be wavy."

"margins can be wavy."

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