Adjective "Watery" Definition and Examples




    1. pertaining to or connected with water: watery Neptune.

    2. full of or abounding in water, as soil or a region; soggy; boggy.

    3. containing much or too much water: a watery paste; a watery batter.

    4. soft, soggy, tasteless, etc., due to excessive water or overcooking: watery vegetables; a watery stew.

    5. tearful.

    6. of the nature of water: watery vapor.

    7. resembling water in appearance or color: eyes of a watery blue.

    8. resembling water in fluidity and absenc


    "helmets can be watery to straps."

    "helmets can be watery from spikes."

    "eyes can be watery."

    "graves can be watery."

    "diarrhoeas can be watery."

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