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A faint design made in some paper during manufacture that is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker.
  1. 'He holds up the piece of paper and it is blank except a small watermark in the center.'
  2. 'But for bank notes, it was or is even more important for the National Banks to inform other National Banks of their new bank note, designs, colors, watermarks and other ways to distinguish copies and fakes.'
  3. 'Secondly, when the bank note is held up to the light, a picture and the value of the bank note become visible as a watermark, while the security thread can also be seen as a dark line.'
  4. 'It was typed up neatly on a standard piece of office paper bearing the official watermark and letterhead of the City Park Service.'
  5. 'Wyatt readily recognizes Poe's style and handwriting, but he quickly realizes that these unpublished stories were written on paper with a watermark dated 1966.'
  6. 'Every few leaves of the Mackenzie journal there appears a watermark in the lower left corner.'
  7. 'Information such as a watermark in the paper may help identify a place and date of production.'
  8. 'The euro notes carry a watermark and security thread, plus a circular symbol, half of which is transparent.'
  9. 'Note that there's now space in what he says to include the possibility that the watermarks were completely removed.'


Mark (paper) with a watermark.
  1. 'Replacing serial numbers on ballot papers with barcodes so fraudulent votes can be identified, and introducing watermarked or security-printed ballot papers may be other measures.'
  2. 'Consider as an example the watermarking of currency, so that scanners and photocopy machines will recognize a bill and refuse to scan it.'
  3. 'And in the United States, the Federal Reserve used to end up with 13 million pounds of worn-out currency each year, some of which now mixes with recovered cotton waste to create a rich-textured, watermarked paper.'
  4. 'They were duly printed out on the official paper, which was watermarked and crown headed.'

More definitions

1. a mark indicating the height to which water rises or has risen, as in a river or inlet.

2. water line (def 5).

3. a figure or design impressed in some paper during manufacture, visible when the paper is held to the light. verb (used with object)

4. to mark (paper) with a watermark.

5. to impress (a design, pattern, etc.), as a watermark.

More examples(as adjective)

"technologies can be watermarking."