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The action of washing oneself or laundering clothes, bed linen, etc.
  1. 'avoid over-enthusiastic washing'
  2. 'Yet this is an invaluable tool in a household where the washing and drying of clothes is a daily task.'
  3. 'Face and hand washing was more common but knowledge of hygiene was non-existent.'
  4. 'The best thing about them is that they'll maintain their form, even after repeat washings.'
  5. 'Up until the late eighteenth century, washing was usually restricted to the hands and the face.'
  6. 'Thorough hand washing is the single most effective measure to prevent spread of infection.'
  7. 'Regular washing however weakens the skin thus making it easier for the bacteria to invade and cause damage.'
  8. 'On that basis, we might as well all give up washing and go around smelling like badgers, and nearly as hairy, too.'
  9. 'Fabrics made with the coating withstand repeated washing with water and are therefore reusable.'
  10. 'she took her washing around to the launderette'
  11. 'An assortment of leather sheaths hang like washing on a line in a mocked-up Saxon trader's stall.'
  12. 'I went and hung out a load of washing in the time it took to log on and get into my site.'
  13. 'Chores could include emptying bins, hanging up washing or setting the table.'
  14. 'I was no exception, and I gathered up the washing and made my way down to the laundry.'
  15. 'I only need someone to hang my washing on the line.'
  16. 'In the house she puts the washing in the machine and takes it out again.'
  17. 'I made notes and muttered the new words as I watered the garden and hung washing on the line.'
  18. 'Everyone takes a share in clearing away the meal, doing the dishes and folding the washing.'
  19. 'I was the one who helped her clean her house, deal with bills and sort through her washing.'
  20. 'There's another load of washing about to finish, and the dishes to be washed.'

More definitions

1. the act of a person or thing that washes; ablution.

2. clothes, linens, etc., washed or to be washed, especially those washed at one time; wash.

3. Often, washings. any liquid that has been used to wash something.

4. matter removed or carried off in washing something or by the force of water: The washings from numerous spring floods had clogged the mouth of the river.

5. Mining. material, as gold dust, obtained by washing earth, gravel, etc. the deposits so washed.

6. Metalwork

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"machines can be washing."

"linens can be washing."

"waters can be washing."

"terraces can be washing."

"saws can be washing."

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