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The action or process of storing goods in a warehouse.
  1. 'It also manages those operations critical to inventorying, but peripheral to warehousing, such as in-bound inspection.'
  2. 'Councillors agreed to sell the land to Duncan Graham Partnership for 1,151 million for the purpose of erecting retail warehousing with employment potential for 50 jobs.'
  3. 'It is all in what's behind all that shopping that matters - the logistics, warehousing and producer goods and services that will ultimately change our world.'
  4. 'Indeed, there are plenty of software programs and accompanying units that can help dairy processors better manage their warehousing and distribution processes.'
  5. 'Power plant O&M training covers all aspects of power plant activities, including operations, administration, planning, maintenance, and warehousing.'
  6. 'In late July, the British Columbia government announced it was going to slowly phase out government liquor stores and privatize warehousing and distribution.'
  7. 'It could be opened up and used for warehousing and as a store.'
  8. 'Activities include sourcing and procurement, production scheduling, order processing, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, and customer service.'
  9. 'In addition, Hammerson is making good progress in retail warehousing.'
  10. 'The development plans to include three million square feet of built warehousing and includes parking facilities for up to 15,000 vehicles.'
  11. 'It has some 130,000 products lines in seven catalogues, and has around a million square feet of warehousing split between Corby and Nuneaton.'
  12. 'It is awaiting a decision on plans to build 4000 square metres of warehousing at the same address.'
  13. 'Gilbraith, which will cover the BB postcode area, has 100,000 sq ft of warehousing, serviced by a 20-strong vehicle fleet, offering single pallet to full load distribution.'
  14. 'Storage, warehousing and logistics will be asked to contribute 25 per square metre up to 500 sq metre of area with 15 being sought for such areas over 500 sq metres.'
  15. 'It is estimated that the development could provide more than 15,000 square metres of general light industry, including warehousing and offices.'
  16. 'The new centre will comprise 150,000 square feet of warehousing, loading bays, offices and associated facilities.'
  17. 'Unresolved zoning issues mean that there is limited availability and rents of £86 to £107 are being paid per square foot for retail warehousing.'
  18. 'The company is planning to locate its production, bottle manufacturing and bulk warehousing in a single state-of-the-art site as part of a near €50m investment.'
  19. 'Gossner has also added 40,000 square feet of warehousing space to its UHT plant.'
  20. 'warehousing these psychopaths is costing our society millions'
The building up of a holding of shares in a company by buying numerous small lots of shares in the names of nominees, in order to make a takeover bid while remaining anonymous.

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    1. an act or instance of a person or company that warehouses something.

    2. the pledging as security, to a commercial bank, of a long-term mortgage for a short-term loan.

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    "matters can be warehousing."

    "functions can be warehousing."

    "facilities can be warehousing."

    "companies can be warehousing."

    "clearances can be warehousing."

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