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A beating.
  1. 'Matthew Hayden, Australia's cricketer of the year, warned South Africa to prepare for another walloping in their return series over the next two months.'
  2. 'As Arsenal's form slides, Madrid have gathered a momentum interrupted only by the walloping in Zaragoza.'
  3. 'He once gave his child a walloping for teasing a handicapped girl.'
  4. 'New Atherton pro Mihir Diwaker showed he can bat as well as bowl with an unbeaten 86 in a 139-run walloping of Astley & Tyldesley.'
  5. 'Not even the prospect of a hernia operation could limit Brian Kelly's silken style as he led the ‘return’ of Palatine after a walloping by Eire Og in their initial championship outing.'
  6. 'Melbourne will revert to their proven formula against the Swans tomorrow night to rebound from their walloping by Port Adelaide last week and avoid a free fall from outright top to fifth in 14 days.'
  7. 'Uni also had a win last week, their 52-12 walloping of Mullum, ensuring that the Gold Rats remain at the top of the table.'
  8. 'It was particularly embarrassing in the light of the Italian's walloping of the Scots, with arguably less of a rugby-playing population than we have here.'
  9. 'It was impossible to judge the Germans on their walloping of hapless Saudi Arabia.'
  10. 'After it received a critical and financial walloping upon its release, was anyone clamoring for a new, extras-laden director's cut of Elektra?'


Large and powerful.
  1. 'On the right side of her forehead, there was a walloping large blue and black bruise.'
  2. 'A walloping 90 percent of Americans have some form of gum disease and tooth decay.'
  3. 'So after protein drinks, becoming a vegetarian, exercise, stopping smoking, and doctor after doctor I decided to relieve my pain with small doses of heroine for a walloping 3 whole weeks.'
  4. 'Yesterday he blew Alberto Martin off the court with a combination of a walloping forehand and a wish to play in every quarter of the court.'
  5. 'Rafiyev is required to pay a walloping 67.2% of sales in taxes.'
  6. 'With the theatre company facing crises on every front, it would be good to report a walloping seasonal hit.'
  7. 'Agha Abedi, the Pakistani founder of Bank of Credit and Commerce International, arranged hunting outings for the sheikhs in return for walloping bank deposits.'
  8. 'Despite throwing a walloping £19 million at a system that worked very well thank you on a shoestring, the corps has not been an unqualified success.'
  9. 'Insiders are bracing for some walloping arguments over the company's direction in the coming months.'
  10. 'Not necessarily a ground-breaking assertion, but I'll bet there's more than a few folks out there who could use a walloping masterpiece of ethereal but hard-driving psychedelic garage rock.'


1. a sound beating or thrashing.

2. a thorough defeat. adjective

3. impressively big or good; whopping. adverb

4. extremely; immensely: We ran up a walloping big bill.

More examples(as adjective)

"punches can be walloping."