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The driver of a horse-drawn wagon.
  1. 'The wagoner's job was to load the wagon with feed for the regiment's horses and mules and to drive it.'
  2. 'The Fort Meade monthly report does not record the names of the mission's enlisted men, but it is unlikely a wagoner and cook would have been left behind on a long march.'
  3. 'His father, Robert, was a waggoner with Bowman's Removals, in York.'
  4. 'These were the haunts of the pawn brokers and the money lenders, of wagoners and bootleg whiskey makers, of whores and pimps and opium dealers.'
  5. 'The wagoners were terrified and whipped the oxen into charging.'

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1. a person who drives a wagon.

2. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the northern constellation Auriga.

3. Obsolete. a charioteer.

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"vessels can be wagoner."


Mid 16th century: from Dutch wagenaar, from wagen (see wagon).