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Soft, thick material used to line garments or pack fragile items, especially cotton wool formed into a fleecy layer.
  1. 'When viewed from above, a layer of white wadding, suspended from the ceiling, makes it look as if the church is floating above the clouds.'
  2. 'Interlining is a wadding which is sewn between the curtain fabric and the lining to make the curtains feel thick and luxurious.'
  3. 'Rollins described ‘the most esteemed’ quilts of her childhood as being made of ‘glossy, dark flannel, lined with yellow, with a slight wadding of carded wool.’'
  4. 'Notice the soft wadding, which I and a few other top tailors use, as opposed to the far more common ready-made shoulder pad.'
  5. 'The contaminated cotton wadding was not found in quilts used in local colleges and nursing homes for the elderly.'
  6. 'The installation is a combination of airiness and heaviness; the wadding is associated with warmth and the lead buttons with weight.'
  7. 'I could see the rough patch of wadding deep within the barrel; the scratches in the metal around the muzzle; smell old propellant and lubrication.'
  8. 'He confirmed that waddings had been found from three cartridges.'

More definitions

1. any fibrous or soft material for stuffing, padding, packing, etc., especially carded cotton in specially prepared sheets.

2. material used as wads for guns, cartridges, etc.

3. Surgery. any large dressing made of cotton or a similar absorbent material that is used to stanch the flow of blood or dress a wound.

4. a wad or lump.

More examples(as adjective)

"dunnos can be wadding."