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Mad; insane.
  1. 'One of the perks of Adrants is that it spots new, whacko trends in the advertising world just about sooner than anyone.'
  2. 'A collection of awesome, eccentric, fascinating and completely whacko facts.'
  3. 'I'd already done the book on Cobain's murder and I didn't want to get typecast in the book world as this wacko conspiracy nut.'
  4. 'At least you'll know you're not the only one dealing with all this wacko stuff.'
  5. 'I guess it was just a couple of wacko losers in Brazil with nothing better to do.'
  6. 'I pretended to be a reporter so they didn't mark something down on DJ's record like wacko parent.'
  7. 'There is plenty of wacko UFO coverage, including remarkable photos of blurry lights that just have to be flying saucers, because it's not like they could be anything else.'
  8. 'We do get our share of wacko e-mails, but nothing on the scale you report.'
  9. 'Not some fringe wacko doctor, but a doctor with significant power over a large hospital.'
  10. 'He is the kind of wacko leader that is very rare and perhaps not seen on the world stage for 50 years.'


A crazy person.
  1. 'Nobody said anything scary, all the whackos were kept locked away somewhere.'
  2. 'It appears to me to be one whacko testifying against another.'
  3. 'This is not to say we didn't get our share of itinerant whackos.'
  4. 'Well, they finally admitted they agree on everything, you know, after months of trying to paint one another as wackos, they come out and tell us the awful truth.'
  5. 'At last the whackos were exposed, the pretenders unmasked.'
  6. 'Are you one of those wackos who still can't accept defeat?'
  7. 'If you are among the protesters whom the Wall Street Journal unaffectionately calls ‘Luddite whackos,’ you may take a little credit for that.'
  8. 'You'd better hope so, because now if he falls we have no way of controlling what whackos get hold of his nukes.'
  9. 'I find it amazing that for a young nation such as ours, with such a small population, we have an abnormally large concentration of religious whackos.'
  10. 'You can't go far wrong with a foreign policy whose opponents are mainly dictators, anti-American European politicians and leftist whackos.'


1. Also, wack. an eccentric, strange, or odd person. adjective

2. wacky.

More examples(as adjective)

"stories can be wacko."


1970s: from wacky + -o.