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A small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount, or that may be exchanged for goods or services.
  1. 'Parents are given a voucher or certificate by the government to pay for all or part of tuition if they decide to send their child to a private or parochial school.'
  2. 'Gift vouchers are available from the hotel and make a great Christmas treat.'
  3. 'He started out with a simple discount club, offering individuals discount vouchers in return for an annual fee.'
  4. 'The return leg was cancelled and 156 exhausted passengers given meal vouchers and offered accommodation in Rome.'
  5. 'With unwanted gifts the shop is not required to offer you a refund, though many will offer an exchange, credit vouchers, or refund, as long as you have a receipt.'
  6. 'The cutbacks cover the costs of new monthly $65 pensions and food vouchers for seniors, single mothers, and disabled people.'
  7. 'The privatization process began in late 1992, after all citizens had become entitled to a voucher that could be exchanged for shares in the new private companies.'
  8. 'A massive voucher privatization program turned more than 60 million people into shareholders of Russian businesses.'
  9. 'Under the current system councillors found most pensioners were exchanging rail vouchers at the station for an £18 rail card.'
  10. 'Twice a year dividend vouchers are mailed to card holders, and these can be exchanged for cash at any Co-Op outlet.'
  11. 'Tangretti provided copies of his vouchers, receipts and backup documentation for last year, except for itemized lists of phone charges.'
  12. 'Along with cash, police said they were told the vault contained receipts and vouchers which detailed how funds should be received and disbursed.'

More definitions

1. a person or thing that vouches.

2. a document, receipt, stamp, or the like, that gives evidence of an expenditure.

3. a form authorizing a disbursement of cash or a credit against a purchase or expense to be made in the future.

4. written authorization; credential.

5. a piece of evidence or proof.

6. Early English Law. a person called into court to warrant another's title. the act of vouching another person to make good a warranty. verb (used with object)

7. to pay for, guara

More examples(as adjective)

"sellings can be voucher."


Early 17th century: from vouch.