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(of an animal) bringing forth live young which have developed inside the body of the parent.
  1. 'If only these creatures had been able to develop a viviparous capability, so that they could give birth to their babies at sea, they would have an assured future.'
  2. 'Females are viviparous and give birth to a single litter of up to five offspring.'
(of a plant) reproducing from buds which form plantlets while still attached to the parent plant, or from seeds which germinate within the fruit.
  1. 'Two new viviparous mutants showed some signs of precocious germination but did not emerge fully on the cob.'


1. Zoology. bringing forth living young rather than eggs, as most mammals and some reptiles and fishes.

2. Botany. producing seeds that germinate on the plant.

More examples(as adjective)

"varieties can be viviparous."

"reptiles can be viviparous."

"microfilariaes can be viviparous."

"females can be viviparous."


Mid 17th century: from Latin viviparus (from vivus ‘alive’ + -parus ‘bearing’) + -ous.