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Filled with bitter criticism or malice.
  1. 'vitriolic outbursts'
  2. 'She has been subjected to a vitriolic attack by a female newspaper columnist for ‘sharing every cough and spit of her agony’.'
  3. 'She has been on the receiving end of other withering and vitriolic attacks from women columnists.'
  4. 'Such stirring events provoked a range of responses, and those printed here are bitter, mournful, vitriolic, and celebratory in turn.'
  5. 'One or two turned vitriolic in their public criticism, and one anonymously accused him of fraud.'
  6. 'It is not hard to see how libels and satires might foster conflict, for they offer mostly vitriolic attacks on individuals or vices.'
  7. 'Almost without exception, though, critics saved their most vitriolic attacks for the plan's local contribution requirements.'
  8. 'Dadaists were known for their vitriolic personal attacks on the people identified with a movement, idea or company they opposed.'
  9. 'This simply will not do, given the play's premises and vitriolic criticism of capitalism.'
  10. 'I was appalled to read the mayor's vitriolic attack on the homeless.'
  11. 'Adapting some of the most celebrated, sexual, raw, bitter and vitriolic love poems ever written, the drama explores the inspiration behind the sonnets.'


1. of, relating to, or resembling vitriol.

2. obtained from vitriol.

3. very caustic; scathing: vitriolic criticism.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be vitriolic about risks."

"people can be vitriolic about people."

"attacks can be vitriolic."

"debates can be vitriolic."

"people can be vitriolic."

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