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Like glass in appearance or physical properties.
  1. 'It is transparent to translucent and displays a luster that varies from vitreous to somewhat pearly.'
  2. 'On some examples, they appear exclusively on the upper shoulders of the bottle; on others they constitute virtually the entire scheme of decoration, centred on tiny dots of vitreous enamel.'
  3. 'It has a vitreous luster and is optically positive.'
  4. 'Colorless or pale reddish or yellowish-brown specimens with an earthy to moderately vitreous luster are most commonly observed.'
  5. 'The small, vitreous, opaque black grains look very much like the murataite with which it is associated.'
  6. 'It has a vitreous luster and is typically translucent; only rarely is it transparent and then only in small crystals.'
  7. 'Oneillite is vitreous, transparent to translucent, with a white streak.'
  8. 'Artsmithite is vitreous, has an off-white to cream-colored streak, shows no obvious cleavage, and displays an irregular fracture.'
  9. 'Sixth, distinct increase of power by employment of the device of a so-called armature made of the same metal with which the physicists are accustomed to surround resinous and vitreous bodies.'
  10. 'They started with eight-inch-square biscuit blanks made by Wedgwood or Minton, Hollins and Company and preferred vitreous paint applied with brushes, palette knives, or their fingers.'
  11. 'The acrylic stone has a low sheen, unlike the vitreous china of old, which had a high sheen that revealed any imperfections in the manufacture.'
  12. 'China is a vitreous (smooth and glassy) form of baked clay.'
  13. 'Made from vitreous china in biscuit, white, and black, the rectangular sink measures 21 by 13 inches.'
  14. 'To retain high-resolution information, chlorosomes were embedded in vitreous ice and imaged without further treatment or staining.'
  15. 'The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china.'
  16. 'Made of vitreous China, sinks like the 27 1/2-inch pedestal basin shown come with pedestal covers or metal consoles.'


1. of the nature of or resembling glass, as in transparency, brittleness, hardness, glossiness, etc.: vitreous china.

2. of or relating to glass.

3. obtained from or containing glass.

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"enamels can be vitreous."

"bubbles can be vitreous."

"humours can be vitreous."

"enamelleds can be vitreous."

"stonewares can be vitreous."

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Late Middle English: from Latin vitreus (from vitrum ‘glass’) + -ous.