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A curriculum vitae.
  1. 'Interestingly in this context, a dove with a crown in his beak hovers right outside the opening and well-known historiated initial of Book I of Juliana's vita.'
  2. 'A characteristic feature of Juliana's vita is the presentation of short vignettes, or episodes of face-to-face interaction, each of which provides a scene that enabled the author to develop the character of the exemplar of virtue.'
  3. 'Juliana's vita was an exception to the ‘male interpreter’ pattern described by Mooney, Coakley, and others.'
  4. '51 vignettes, or episodes of interaction, were selected from the vita, 23 episodes with men and 28 with women.'
  5. 'This attribution is based on the wording of the vita, which indicates that she ‘prayed’ while John wrote.'
  6. 'Each applicant must submit a curriculum vita, a letter of support from a member of APA and, in the instance of a self-nomination, verification that the endorser will serve the role and complete the functions of a nominator.'
  7. 'What about the average successful vita, though: that is to say, the kind of vita that professors most often must evaluate?'
  8. 'Taking my own advice about applying to previous employers, I then submitted my vita to a medium-sized historically Black college where I also had worked as an adjunct professor.'
  9. 'The principal source of information about Juliana is her vita, which was initially written in vernacular French, most likely by her friend Eve, and then translated into Latin between 1261 and 1264.'
  10. 'Examination of his vita reveals that his efforts in his department and in other professional areas have been equally strong.'
  11. 'But not all faculty members should aspire to be administrators or measure a successful career by whether or not administration is on the vita.'
  12. 'Whether it's for typing up memos, spreadsheets, presentations, standard operating procedures, thesis, curriculum vitas, or merely surfing the net, computer basics are required.'
  13. 'It's an important thing you can put on your vita.'
  14. 'A process streamlined into grim efficiency, yielding one more line on the scholar's vita.'
  15. 'At least I think if I were, for example, 28th author, I wouldn't want to devote a full half-page of my vita to the 27 names that precede mine.'
  16. 'Having sung 12 roles at the MET is an impressive item on any tenor's vita, and not surprisingly he had no problems filling the Lisner Auditorium with his sound.'

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1. curriculum vitae (def 1).

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"turncoatses can be vita."

"glamoriseds can be vita."

"engines can be vita."


Latin, literally ‘life’.