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The state of never having had sexual intercourse.
  1. 'Most of them are still virgins, or lost their virginity in the last year.'
  2. 'Drama School finishes and we all go back to our respective homes - my virginity still firmly intact.'
  3. 'We all got athlete's foot, one lad lost his virginity and at least two people came away with a sexually transmitted disease.'
  4. 'I lost my virginity to a girl whose name I didn't know, in a sleeping bag on the floor of my mother's abandoned Fifth Avenue apartment.'
  5. 'I lost my virginity at the age of 15 to my boyfriend at that time.'
  6. 'I practically lost my virginity by accident and I was a late starter.'
  7. 'They both ended up stripping the rest of their clothes off, and Lily lost her virginity that night.'
  8. 'It was a wonderful evening which I will never forget, especially as I nearly lost my virginity on the way back!'
  9. 'But then I thought well, that's only one a year since I lost my virginity.'
  10. 'It is where I first got drunk, had my first cigarette and lost my virginity.'
  11. 'the lawsuit will be remembered as the moment the computer industry lost its political virginity'
  12. 'I had lost my oyster virginity in Whitstable a while back, and was keen to re-kindle my relationship with these beautiful bi-valves.'

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1. the state or condition of being a virgin.

2. the state or condition of being pure, fresh, or unused.

3. Informal. any naive, uninitiated, or uninformed state.

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"whiles can be virginity."

"tests can be virginity."


Middle English: from Old French virginite, from Latin virginitas, from virgo (see virgin).