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Seeking to harm someone in return for a perceived injury.
  1. 'Perversely, such words of steel were meant to calm the American people, not whip them into a vengeful fervour.'
  2. 'The spectre of Thomas's brutal occupation is always there to hint that he could use his skills for vengeful justice.'
  3. 'Holly Hunter makes her British stage debut, playing a vengeful woman returning to rural Ireland.'
  4. 'Lynch wrote a notoriously vengeful poem, full of vicious curses, a story he tells against himself in shamefaced penance.'
  5. 'It is undoubtedly a good thing that we are neither cruel nor vengeful.'
  6. 'It's been around forever, and, frankly, the same complaint could apply to virtually all vengeful ghost stories.'
  7. 'But the more seriously the sovereignty of Whitehall is challenged, the more vengeful the state becomes.'
  8. 'The threat of this they are likely to have weighed up against the long term implications of a fractured and vengeful middle east.'
  9. 'Is it wrong that I find myself wanting to kill a monkey out of vengeful jealousy?'
  10. 'It is well known that vengeful ex-cons have hunted down the cops who busted them.'


1. desiring or seeking vengeance; vindictive: a vengeful attitude.

2. characterized by or showing a vindictive spirit: vengeful intentions.

3. serving to inflict vengeance: a vengeful killing.

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"people can be vengeful in/at/on tonights."

"people can be vengeful towards scholars."

"campaigns can be vengeful in extremes."

"people can be vengeful."

"killers can be vengeful."

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Late 16th century: from obsolete venge ‘avenge’ (see vengeance), on the pattern of revengeful.