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A device for controlling the passage of fluid or air through a pipe, duct, etc., especially an automatic device allowing movement in one direction only.
  1. 'The main tanks were fitted with simultaneously opening dump valves controlled by either pilot.'
  2. 'The required ingredients are then pumped from their storage areas through a series of valves and pipes that eventually lead to the blend tanks.'
  3. 'The patented sensitive microphone detects the noise of a water leak transmitted along pipes, valves, and hydrants and through the ground.'
  4. 'For example, every fixture must include an isolation valve to allow maintenance personnel to shut down individual fixtures.'
  5. 'The main type of central heating system is wet - where hot water is circulated through pipes and goes to radiators with valves that control the amount of time it spends there.'
  6. 'Multifunctional tools, such as graders, require an electrical outlet and switches on the loader to control hydraulic diverter valves.'
  7. 'To remove the clog, close the shutoff valve at the bottom of the radiator and unscrew the air vent.'
  8. 'Using them would mean that attachments could be installed without disassembly of the main control valve or draining of hydraulic fluids.'
  9. 'The system is regulated by a height control valve which allows fluid to move between spheres to keep the car level.'
  10. 'Close the water valves and disconnect the water lines just above the valves and the drain piping at the trap.'
  11. 'Unlike delicate solid-state circuitry, valves are incredibly robust from an electrical perspective.'
  12. 'You could even build a functional, if somewhat cumbersome, guitar amplifier with a hydraulic system replacing transistors or valves.'
  13. 'Electronic valves are no longer used and have been replaced by transistors and diodes which have a low current consumption, greater reliability and much smaller dimensions.'
  14. 'The soloists played on natural horns, instruments that have no valves and are not as powerful as their modern descendants.'
  15. 'the aortic valve'
  16. 'During pregnancy, hormones relax the muscles in your digestive tract, including the valve in the esophagus.'
  17. 'The condition results from problems with valves in the veins of the leg.'
Each of the halves of the hinged shell of a bivalve mollusc or brachiopod, or of the parts of the compound shell of a barnacle.
  1. 'Note that each shell valve is symmetrical about the midline, but the two shell valves are often unequal in size.'
  2. 'The two shell valves would have been rigidly fixed in place, and the dorsal margin could not have been more than a poorly elastic structure, if that.'
  3. 'The brush-like hairs at the end of the anther tube are not bent, and they enclose the valve.'
  4. 'Fruits were harvested just prior to dehiscence of the capsule valves.'
  5. 'The fruit is a small oblong capsule with two valves containing many small seeds.'

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1. any device for halting or controlling the flow of a liquid, gas, or other material through a passage, pipe, inlet, outlet, etc.

2. a hinged lid or other movable part that closes or modifies the passage in such a device.

3. Anatomy. a membranous fold or other structure that controls the flow of a fluid, as one that permits blood to flow in one direction only.

4. (in musical wind instruments of the trumpet class) a device for changing the length of the air column to alter the pitch of

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"surgeries can be valve."

"sounds can be valve."


Late Middle English (denoting a leaf of a folding or double door): from Latin valva.