Adjective "validation" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


The action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something.
  1. count noun 'we did independent validations for studies of therapy'
  2. 'No biochemical validation was made at this stage.'
  3. 'They can adapt all the fields, screens, calculations, and validations to meet their own requirements.'
  4. 'new courses, subject to validation, include an MSc in Urban Forestry'
  5. 'Irregular service can be validated either by appearance or an order of the judge, and such validation would be retrospective.'
  6. 'He refers to the validation of the War-time Leases Act.'
  7. 'they have exaggerated needs for acceptance and validation'
  8. 'Publishing technical results in journal articles or presenting them in papers at professional meetings is critically important for validation by professional peers.'
  9. 'Both stories dramatize the validation that they desire in a world that refuses to recognize them.'

More definitions

1. to make valid; substantiate; confirm: Time validated our suspicions.

2. to give legal force to; legalize.

3. to give official sanction, confirmation, or approval to, as elected officials, election procedures, documents, etc.: to validate a passport.

More examples(as adjective)

"systems can be validation."