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Relating to or characterized by usury; extortionate.
  1. 'Planters often charged usurious interest rates on credit extended to their laborers, arguing that these were necessary because of the high risks involved.'
  2. 'Thanks to usurious practices that are legal and common among hospital collection departments, complete financial ruin can easily befall those unable to pay their hospital bills.'
  3. 'The Ohio Supreme Court thus correctly held on appeal that the contracts were not usurious loans.'
  4. 'The financial deregulation he champions has led directly to the predatory, usurious lending practices that afflict the working poor.'
  5. 'In most developing countries, the informal money-lending system coupled with usurious rates of interest, sometimes as high as 200%, gives birth to a phenomenon called debt bondage.'
  6. 'The drugs industry is being criticised for usurious prices of drugs, medicines and services.'
  7. 'On the other side of the political spectrum, liberals worry that litigation finance firms offering usurious rates prey upon a desperate clientele.'
  8. 'Future revenues were mortgaged against advances at usurious rates.'
  9. 'The Malaysian financier, Benedict said, demanded 29 percent interest, a usurious amount indeed.'
  10. 'Can you lend to the poor without charging usurious interest?'


1. practicing usury; charging illegal or exorbitant rates of interest for the use of money: a usurious moneylender.

2. constituting or characterized by usury: usurious rates of interest; a usurious loan.

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"rates can be usurious."

"terms can be usurious."

"sales can be usurious."

"natures can be usurious."

"loans can be usurious."

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