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Characterized by or provoking loud noise or uproar.
  1. 'The ancient Saxons celebrated the return of spring with an uproarious festival commemorating their goddess of offspring and of springtime, Eastre.'
  2. 'The boys returned to uproarious applause to end the concert, and did so in style.'
  3. 'That contrasted with uproarious cheers at the Gibraltar pub in Buenos Aires, where a crowd of about 50 British expatriates applauded wildly.'
  4. 'This led again to an uproarious scene in the House.'
  5. 'I blushed and grabbed his hand to drag him away from the loud, uproarious crowd.'
  6. 'But the crowd was getting more and more uproarious.'
  7. 'Only the week before, he had returned to his native City Road after five years in a German Prison Camp and he was given an uproarious welcome.'
  8. 'If life were like the movies, every joke you tell would be met with uproarious laughter.'
  9. 'The last meeting of the Municipal Corporation saw more uproarious scenes than any other previous meeting and ended without any discussion on the agenda items.'
  10. 'Long about the time of year we call November, Athens exploded in an uproarious, joyous, naughty celebration - the Great Dionysia, or Festival of Dionysos.'
  11. 'uproarious humour'
  12. 'When the bell rang signaling the start of their one-hour of free time, a large flock of girls gathered around Millie to hear one of her infamous stories, or uproarious jokes.'
  13. 'This uproarious comedy is about three Brothers who are brought together by the will of their dying father.'
  14. 'What unfolds is a riot of comic mayhem as mistaken identity leads to uproarious farce throughout.'


1. characterized by or in a state of uproar; tumultuous.

2. making an uproar; confused and noisy, as an assembly, person, etc.

3. very funny, as a person or situation.

4. very loud, as sounds or utterances.

5. expressed by or producing uproar.

More examples(as adjective)

"scenes can be uproarious."

"laughters can be uproarious."

"traditions can be uproarious."

"soliloguies can be uproarious."

"processions can be uproarious."

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