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Characterized by an absence of haste; unhurried.
  1. 'he seemed to have a controlled, unrushed way of moving'
  2. 'The great thing about the holiday was that at all times we felt unrushed.'
  3. 'The unrushed tempo of the toccata-like Vivace final movement allowed Ohlsson to tap into the deep well of sound few pianists are able to access.'
  4. 'Jane has one of the best unrushed swings from a junior I have ever seen.'
  5. 'The treatments at the Ocean Breeze health suite are exceptional, combined with the unrushed Cornish attitude.'
  6. 'The tea master was apparently very charming and unrushed.'


1. to move, act, or progress with speed, impetuosity, or violence.

2. to dash, especially to dash forward for an attack or onslaught.

3. to appear, go, pass, etc., rapidly or suddenly: The blood rushed to his face.

4. Football. to carry the ball on a running play or plays. verb (used with object)

5. to perform, accomplish, or finish with speed, impetuosity, or violence: They rushed the work to make the deadline.

6. to carry or convey with haste: to rush

More examples(as adjective)

"entrances can be unrushed."