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(of a vehicle) not roadworthy.
  1. 'Other infringements resulted in tickets for speeding, unlicensed vehicles and a yellow sticker for an unroadworthy car.'
  2. 'Besides the fact that the vehicle was obviously unroadworthy, the passenger was endangering himself and obstructing the view of the driver.'
  3. 'I didn't want to mention the squealing brakes in case he booked me for driving an unroadworthy car.'
  4. 'They plan to keep unroadworthy vans at the roadside until repairs are carried out and to check drivers' hour-counting tachograph machines to make sure they are not being overworked.'
  5. 'The defect in the rear offside brake was obvious and should have alerted a trained mechanic that the vehicle was unroadworthy.'
  6. 'Yesterday the traffic department and police confirmed that the taxi was unroadworthy and was not licensed.'
  7. 'Local Traffic Department chiefs are investigating how an unroadworthy bus which had its licence suspended last week managed to obtained a replica licence disc.'
  8. 'Two people were charged with corruption, obstruction to justice and bribery regarding unroadworthy vehicles and tickets for traffic offences at Umtata.'
  9. 'Police vehicle examiners found that the car was unroadworthy because of two massively over-inflated front tyres, but because the road was dry, the defects probably played only a small part in the accident.'
  10. 'He admitted two counts of selling motor vehicles in an unroadworthy condition on October 31, when he appeared at Witham Magistrates' Court on Friday.'


1. in suitable operating condition or meeting accepted standards for safe driving on the road: a roadworthy automobile.

More examples(as adjective)

"vehicles can be unroadworthy."