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(especially of fruit) not having ripened.
  1. 'pale, unripened tomatoes'
  2. 'Poppy seeds have no drug properties - the narcotic element is only present in the sap of the unripened fruit capsule before the seeds develop.'
  3. 'White tea is harvested only a few days of the year from the unripened buds of the tea plant.'
  4. 'He loves to careen all over the store and fill his cart with things we don't need, like unripened avocados and horrible new kinds of crackers.'
  5. 'Caused by a leaf-blighting fungus, the disease leaves coffee plants spindly and barren, their precious fruits unripened.'
  6. 'If you have purchased unripened fruits, put them into a plastic bag that is perforated.'
  7. 'In fresh, unripened cheese, the curd, separated from the whey, can be used immediately.'
  8. 'Although crème fraiche and mascarpone are both classified as soft, unripened cheeses, they are made by a process similar to yoghurt.'
  9. 'The only maker of Latin cheeses in Alberta is in the running for its fresh unripened product in a new category: Fresh Cheese with Grilling Properties.'
  10. 'We also ordered a cheese platter with three kinds of cheeses (two unripened and one aged).'
  11. 'This variety of unripened cheese is made from cows milk and comes in two versions, plain and smoked.'


1. to make or become ripe.

2. to bring or come to maturity, the proper condition, etc.; mature.

More examples(as adjective)

"versions can be unripened."

"tomatoes can be unripened."

"olives can be unripened."

"fruits can be unripened."

"corns can be unripened."

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