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Not revealed; secret.
  1. 'Bush's inauguration on 20 January is set to cost approximately $40 million - and that does not include the unrevealed cost of security for the events.'
  2. 'With these two things in your possession, what knowledge remains unrevealed?'
  3. 'There seems to be some unrevealed plotline about Father Michael's marriage, as he toys with a conspicuous wedding ring throughout the film before throwing it to the ground in disgust at the end, but it isn't mentioned even once.'
  4. 'First, the novel makes the reader privy to all the secret plotting and machinations, so that the tension of the plot cannot hinge on unrevealed secrets or hidden motives and actions.'
  5. 'Alternatively, it may be that there are many examples of serious organizational forms of crime so far unrevealed in Britain.'
  6. 'There was nothing that either of them didn't know about each other, there was no thought left untold, no secret left unrevealed.'
  7. 'The factor which caused the Court of Appeal to hold the contract to be illegal was the plaintiff's unrevealed intention to use the contractual documents to assist in misleading the local assessment committee.'
  8. 'But he is not authorised - at least morally - to publish what his diplomat interlocutor wishes to keep unrevealed.'
  9. 'This will separate or distance you from others, as you remain hidden behind your performance, unrevealed to yourself and others.'
  10. 'A scene about two thirds of the way through the film finds Carrie-Anne Moss's leather-clad superhacker setting her sights on a power grid computer, for plot reasons better left unrevealed.'


1. to make known; disclose; divulge: to reveal a secret.

2. to lay open to view; display; exhibit. noun

3. an act or instance of revealing; revelation; disclosure.

4. Architecture. the part of the jamb of a window or door opening between the outer wall surface and the window or door frame. the whole jamb of an opening between the outer and inner surfaces of a wall.

5. the framework or edge of an automobile window.

More examples(as adjective)

"readings can be unrevealed."

"numbers can be unrevealed."

"greatnesses can be unrevealed."