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Not limited or restricted.
  1. 'But maybe unrestricted trade isn't always in the best interest of all business.'
  2. 'One obvious question arose: would access to these archives really be free and unrestricted?'
  3. 'The abiding truth for cancer patients is that they want unrestricted access to all treatments.'
  4. 'Both of these parents have unrestricted access and custodial rights with respect to the child.'
  5. 'The active imaging area is close to the panel's edge, for unrestricted access to the patient.'
  6. 'There is unrestricted movement of the prisoners in the jail premises.'
  7. 'A link to the trash page is also present on each discussion table and access to it is unrestricted.'
  8. 'This would later develop into unrestricted submarine warfare.'
  9. 'Their publication gives the public unmediated and unrestricted access to this direct evidence for the first time.'
  10. 'And as expected Bryant became an unrestricted free agent, opting out of his contract.'


1. confined; limited.

2. bearing the classification restricted, usually the lowest level of classified information. limited to persons authorized to use information, documents, etc., so classified.Compare classification (def 5).

3. limited to or admitting only members of a particular group or class: a restricted neighborhood; a restricted hotel.

More examples(as adjective)

"sisters can be unrestricted in accesses."

"accesses can be unrestricted."

"repos can be unrestricted."

"agents can be unrestricted."

"rights can be unrestricted."

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