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Not able to be resolved.
  1. 'His task will be to resolve potential conflicts between Westminster and Holyrood before they become unresolvable issues.'
  2. 'Its central theme seemed to be an examination of how we should conduct ourselves given the inevitable and unresolvable conflict between good and evil.'
  3. 'On that score, the spinners and soundbite merchants have continuing - and perhaps unresolvable - doubts about the best way of selling Lieberman.'
  4. 'In terms of religion, the problem is straightforward, and unresolvable: holy matrimony does not work as a concept in a society that no longer believes in anything holy.'
  5. 'The Kashmir issue appears to be unresolvable at the moment.'
  6. 'Instead of coming up with practical, realistic solutions, city council will get bogged down in an unresolvable argument over the evils of alcohol.'
  7. 'The painting gracefully combines the classical ideal of stability with Romanticism's restless play of unresolvable tensions.'
  8. 'The core unresolvable deadend difficulty in Capitalism is that competition breeds an enormous waste of human, natural, and industrial resources.'
  9. 'Those are the kind of things that are unresolvable.'
  10. 'The museum always foregrounds the unresolvable dichotomy between fact and fiction.'


1. that can be resolved.

More examples(as adjective)

"tensions can be unresolvable."

"issues can be unresolvable."

"differences can be unresolvable."

"problems can be unresolvable."

"frustrations can be unresolvable."

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